The Benefits of Choosing Non-Metal Fillings

Even when you strive for great oral care, from time to time it may be necessary to have a cavity filled or an old filling replaced. We are highly-trained family and cosmetic dentists, benefit from the use of bonded composite resin fillings. This type of filling material, although not new, has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years and is a superior choice for your fillings!

Some of the reasons to choose composite resin over silver amalgam include:

  • They look better. Tooth-colored composite fillings can be matched to your own enamel, so that they provide a wonderfully aesthetic look! So much better than dark silver amalgam fillings.
  • They preserve your teeth. Because they are bonded to your natural tooth structure, composite fillings allow for a conservative preparation which preserves more healthy tooth. Amalgam fillings, which are held in mechanically, need to be prepped more aggressively.
  • They work to prevent decay. Your dentist uses advanced bonding techniques when placing composite resin fillings. This helps to seal the margins, keeping out saliva and food particles which could cause decay.
  • They are healthier. Silver amalgam can actually expand and contract microscopically with temperature changes in the mouth. Over time, this weakens enamel and often leads to tooth fracture. Choosing composite resin fillings from a qualified dentist could prevent unnecessary tooth fracture!

When it is time for you or a member of your family to have a filling, we suggest consulting with your friendly family and cosmetic dentist to see if composite resin fillings are right for you! We look forward to helping you achieve better dental health and a more beautiful smile.