Metal Free Fillings

Make your minor fillings indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. Metal-free fillings are an ideal, functional and aesthetic solution for treating decay, cracks and replacing older, metal fillings.

As an experienced dentist who understands his patients concerns, our dentists firmly believes in providing the most conservative Carefree area dentistry option for each case. With metal-free fillings, substantially more of your natural tooth stays intact than metal fillings, which requires a dentist to remove significantly more healthy tooth structure.

This can result in weakened, fragile molars and incisors that are much more susceptible to internal cracks and external damage later on. And without the bonded seal provided with metal-free fillings, tooth enamel is often exposed to harmful bacteria and can experience worsening decay.

We use a highly advanced technology called Tetric EvoCeram®. The skill of our cosmetic dentist with these high quality materials means that your filling will be precisely created to protect your smile, and beautifully blend with your natural teeth.

We invite you to conserve more of your teeth with this cost-effective, comfortable and indistinguishable dental solution, from our Carefree area dentistry.

The Advantages of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Technologically enhanced materials such as Tetric EvoCeram® – the optimized, moldable ceramic with nanoparticles composed of durable fillers, pigments and modifiers lets us achieve the greatest cosmetic results that are incredibly realistic.

In addition to providing the best aesthetic qualities, the superior polish of these techniques protects your teeth for the long-term and prevents the reappearance of tooth discoloration. By adding layer upon layer of composite material and reduces the possibility of heat expansion and contraction. When temperatures inside your mouth shift from hot to cold, non-metal fillings retain their shape, preventing cracks that arise over time from metal fillings.

Other custom application techniques like adhesive bonding are employed to prevent bacteria from leaking and causing recurring decay. Our new curing light also accelerates the time required to harden the composite material.

If you require a filling for a smaller area of decay, contact us about our dentistry clinic. Our team will make sure that your visit is comfortable and that your restorations are long-lasting. Beauty, strength, comfort, and convenience awaits!