Whether it’s restoring health, a proper bite, or smile enhancement with cosmetic dentistry, the foundation of a healthy mouth is of absolute importance. Today, the science of advanced hygiene and periodontal treatment is a renewed focus on prevention and early diagnosis first, along with highly effective treatment and regular maintenance. We consider it one of the most important services we offer our patients.

As one benefit to early detection and prevention, our dentists can reverse and remove smaller cavities with a quick and simple procedure that doesn’t require anesthetic.

Because our dentists cares about you and about enhancing your experience, he provides a variety of amenities and comfortable methods to offer you a better experience during your comprehensive hygiene appointment. These include Oral Conscious Sedation, effective topical anesthetic treatments, a highly trained team that is sensitive to your concerns, and an assortment of entertainment options to make your visit seemingly speed by.

Get to know our Hygienist and the team of Dental Care at Wall Dentistry, for dentistry that refreshes your mouth and confidence. See how good a beautiful, clean and healthy smile can feel.

Experience More Than Clean Teeth From Your Dental Care

Periodontal treatment starts with prevention: regular cleanings and good hygiene habits are excellent precautions to avoid gum disease. The main cause of periodontal disease is improper levels of bacteria that attack the teeth, gums, and bone, and can even enter the bloodstream and contribute to other serious health conditions.

Our team are dedicated professionals to establish your foundation of a healthy mouth through:

  • sealants
  • a strong and individualized hygiene program
  • patient education and the value and impact in can have on your overall health.

Various factors may increase the risk for periodontal disease from patient to patient, including lifestyle, diet, genetics, medications, and other factors which can influence its progression. Scaling, root planing, antiobiotics, antimicrobials and other advanced techniques rebalance the health of your mouth, halt and prevent the progression of periodontal disease.

Our dentists will evaluate your situation, and through careful and comprehensive diagnose, present the best individualized treatment plan for your teeth… for today, and many more smiles tomorrow.