You can enjoy a bright and refined smile in just one visit. Cosmetic bonding, an advanced solution is one of the most conservative options for smile enhancement.

Bonding is also an excellent option for patients searching for a cost-effective dental solution to improve their smile. By hand-sculpting the composite resin onto your teeth with custom precision, our dentists provides cosmetic bonding with many benefits:

  • Pain-free treatment
  • Affordable options
  • Fast – usually one visit
  • Repairs chipped and cracked teeth
  • Closes unsightly spaces
  • Reshapes worn teeth
  • Revitalizes tooth color

While porcelain veneers offer additional durability, bonding can help with minor cosmetic updates, the temporary correction of small defects and tooth repair in areas of low bite pressure.

Are you searching for a quick, cost-effective dentistry smile enhancement? The dental bonding techniques of our dentist may be your single-visit solution.

A Spectacular Smile

Our dentists follows unique principles that match the realistic shading and texture of each unique smile and each tooth. Taking careful note of each subtle factor and considers and mimics how natural teeth can be ‘warmer colored by the gums, and cooler by edges.’ This amount of attention-to-detail generates results that blend naturally with aesthetic quality.

We utilize several layers of various opacity — thicker where the tooth structure appears and greater translucence near the edges to produce a life-like, natural appearance. We also use a variety of tints to emphasize different shades and favor deeper colors in certain locations to make your teeth shine.

The final step utilizes high-powered Isolite® ultraviolet curing illumination to speed up the hardening process. Nothing is sent to our lab, so the restoration happens very quickly — within one to three visits. You can expect your bonded teeth to last for approximately a decade, or more.

If you would like to enjoy your smile for several worry-free years, discuss dentistry solutions with us today. Our dental team is available to answer any questions you may have, and schedule your free consultation.

Other conservative treatments to investigate further are inlays and onlays and metal-free fillings.